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Wisdom & Power of the Ancients Bless Our Journey Deocil Amen

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preperation of herbs spells and rituals

      Herbs and Their Uses

I would like to take a moment to share a bit of my own philosophy about herbs and their medicinal and Ancient Ritual uses.

From the time that man began using herbs to cure diseases, ease pain and enhance his surroundings with sweet smelling herbs, they have a mystical and Ancient property to them. As man's intellect began expanding taking in the more scientific aspects of the herbal uses and remedies, the Ancient Ways/magic became medicine and still today, there is still magic in the medicine. 

We have all experienced some aspect of the miraculous recovery from some sort of illness or spiritual imbalance or disease of the body and call it medicine. I would like to give both properties of the herbs from a medicinal and spiritual healing perspective.

With that being said, please feel free to read, explore, learn from the following list of herbal properties and uses, both medicinal and Ancient Ways. Respecting both sides of the coin, for there are still today, many who benefit from the old ways and are very successful in the healing arts.

This is by no means a complete listing of all the herbs and their properties. There will always be updates to this page, as I continue researching and finding more properties to list with these herbs. Please remember in your uses. The True oath..."do as you will, tho it harm none."

herb garden medicine and magic


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PH - 0246212223

  • Medicinal ~ jaundice and other liver ailments,. diuretic. ulcers, diarrhea, and skin problems, athlete's foot, sores, slow-healing wounds, and insect bites.
  • Ancient Ways ~ Protection, banishing negative energies
  • Medicinal ~ Diuretic, relieves urinary and bowel problems, anemia, fatigue, kidneys, peptic ulcers, pituitary problems, and for building general health.
  • Ancient Ways ~ protect from poverty and hunger.
  • Medicinal ~ relieves toothache, use as a mouthwash to freshen the breath.
  • Ancient Ways ~ Healing, money and luck..
  • Medicinal ~ Laxative, wound-healing, general tonic or cure-all.
  • Ancient Ways ~ Grown in the house to guard against evil influences and prevents household accidents.
                                                                                         Angelica Root
  • Medicinal ~ Gas, bloating, indigestion and heartburn. It is often used to stimulate circulation in the pelvic region. For this reason, Angelica should not be used if pregnant or diabetic.
  • Ancient Ways ~ Protection and healing.
  • Medicinal ~ Used for indigestion, coughs, colic and gas.
  • Ancient Ways ~ Protection and meditation.
  • Medicinal ~ Good for topical application to bruises, aches and sprains.
  • Medicinal ~ Increases metabolism, helps to strengthen the immune system, and is used in the healing of wounds.
                                                                                      Balm of Gilead Buds
  • Ancient Ways ~ Carry the buds of the balm of Gilead to mend a broken heart or to attract a new love.
                                                                                       Barberry Root Bark
  • Medicinal ~ Use as a topical application for bruises, aches and sprains.
  • Ancient Ways ~ Protection and purification.
                                                                                    Bayberry Root Bark
  • Medicinal ~ Sore throat gargle.
  • Medicinal ~Nausea and vomiting, blemishes, coughs, fevers, depression and stress.
  • Ancient Ways ~ Money
  • Medicinal ~ Diarrhea.
                                                                                           Black Cohosh
  • Medicinal ~ Herbalists recommend its use as an astringent, diuretic, anti-diarrhea, and cough suppressant. It should not be used during pregnancy.
                                                                                             Black Haw
  • Medicinal ~ Black Haw contains a uterine relaxant which helps relieve menstrual cramps and miscarriage. Because it contains an aspirin-like substance it is also good for fever and pain relief. However, because aspirin has been linked to some birth defects it is recommended that pregnant women should not take this.
  • Medicinal ~ The leaves can be used in teas to relieve diarrhea. It can also be used as a mouthwash for sore mouth and sore throat.
  • Ancient Ways ~ Protection and money.
  • Ancient Ways ~ Protection at Sea
                                                                                         Blessed Thistle
  • Medicinal ~ Appetite stimulant, heart, kidneys, liver, and lungs.
                                                                                           Blood Root
  • Medicinal ~ Is used in some commercial products to treat plaque and gingivitis.
  • Ancient Ways ~ Love, protection.
                                                                                          Blue Cohosh
  • Medicinal ~ It is used to regulate menstrual flow and to help relieve pain during childbirth. Should not be taken during pregnancy.
  • Medicinal ~ Tonic, antiseptic, stimulant.
  • Medicinal ~ Is used for treating high fevers and flu.
  • Ancient Ways ~ Protection
  • Ancient Ways ~ Carry the fresh blossoms to strengthen your courage.  
  • Medicinal ~ Used for inflammation and excessive secretions of mucus in the bladder.

  • Ancient Ways ~ Protection, Luck.
  • Medicinal ~ Sedative, astringent and mildly narcotic.
  • Medicinal ~ Is used as a diuretic and diaphoretic, blood purifier.
  • Ancient Ways ~ Protection, healing.
                                                                                Butcher's Broom
  • Ancient Ways ~ Purification, protection.
                                                                                  Calamus Root
  • Ancient Ways ~ Healing, luck.
  • Medicinal ~ Infection, skin conditions.
                                                                                  Caraway seed
  • Medicinal ~ Indigestion and abdominal distress.
  • Ancient Ways ~ Fidelity, love, memory.
  • Ancient Ways ~ Love
                                                                              Cascara Sagrada
  • Medicinal ~ Is used to relieve constipation.
  • Ancient Ways ~ Legal matters, money and protection.
                                                                              Cascara Sagrada
  • Medicinal ~ Is used to relieve constipation.
  • Ancient Ways ~ Legal matters, money and protection.
  • Medicinal ~ It is also known as "catmint". It is used as a medicinal tea for colds and fever. It is useful in treating colds as it produces free perspiration, without raising the temperature of the body. It is also good in relieving restlessness, colic, and nervousness.
  • Ancient Ways ~ Given to your cat, catnip creates a psychic bond between the two of is also intoxicating to the cat. Catnip is used in love sachets with rose petals. Grown near the home, catnip attracts good spirits along with all the cats in the neighborhood.
                                                                                    Cats Claw
  • Medicinal ~ Enhanced immunity, viral infections, inflammatory diseases.
  • Medicinal ~ It acts on the liver and kidneys, purifies the blood, and is an excellent tonic.
  • Ancient Ways ~ Snake repellent.
  • Medicinal ~ Aids digestion, anti-inflammatory, an antispasmodic, It has a soothing, sedative and absolutely harmless effect.
  • Ancient Ways ~ Money, sleep, meditation.
                                                                               Chaste Tree Berries
  • Medicinal ~ Is used for the relief of paralysis, pains in the limbs, and weakness.
  • Medicinal ~ Fresh leaves have been used as a poultice for inflammation and external abscesses.
  • Ancient Ways ~ Love
                                                                                       Chicory Root
  • Medicinal ~ Chicory works much the same as Dandelion, its action being tonic, laxative and diuretic.
  • Ancient Ways ~ Removing obstacles
  • Medicinal ~ Carminative, astringent, stimulant, antiseptic, it stops vomiting, and relieves gas.
  • Ancient Ways ~ Healing, money, stimulates psychic powers and protective vibrations.
  • Medicinal ~ Nausea, digestion, slow indigestion.
  • Ancient Ways ~ Money, protection and purification
  • Medicinal ~ Coughs and bronchial congestion.
  • Ancient Ways ~ Peace and tranquility.
  • Medicinal ~ expectorant, diarrhea and dysentery.
  • Ancient Ways ~ Protection
  • Medicinal ~ digestion, gas, stimulant and aromatic.
  • Ancient Ways ~ Healing
                                                                                               Corn silk
  • Medicinal ~ Stimulant, diuretic, cystitis, bladder irritation.
                                                                                           Cramp bark
  • Medicinal ~ Cramps and spasms of all kinds.
  • Medicinal ~ Cranberry juice or powder is useful in treating and preventing urinary tract infections.
  • Medicinal ~ Diarrhea
                                                                                          Cumin seed
  • Ancient Ways ~ Protection
  • Medicinal ~ Diuretic and tonic, kidney and liver disorders.
  • Ancient Ways ~ Life span.
                                                                                   Deer antler velvet
  • Medicinal ~ Is said to increase energy, reduces pain and swelling due to arthritis
                                                                                     Dragons blood
  • Ancient Ways ~ Protection, love.
  • Medicinal ~ Is used to increase the bodies resistance to infection.
  • Medicinal ~ Elderberry wine and Elderflower Tea, chill, colds and flu.
  • Ancient Ways ~ Protection, luck
  • Medicinal ~ Ephedra is a nerve stimulant resembling adrenaline.
  • Medicinal ~ Colds and flu, is an antibacterial treatment for minor cuts and scrapes.
  • Ancient Ways ~ Healing
  • Medicinal ~ It is still recommend by herbalists for its use in diseases of the sight, weakness of the eyes.
  • Ancient Ways ~ Clarity, memory
  • Medicinal ~ Indigestion, gas and bloating, menstrual cramps.
  • Ancient Ways ~ Protection, healing, purification.
  • Medicinal ~ It has been used to reduce cholesterol, lower blood sugar levels, and relieve sore throats,
  • Ancient Ways ~ Money.

  • · Medicinal ~ Is used for migraines, and digestive problems.
  • Ancient Ways ~ Protection, health
  • Ancient Ways ~ Protection, rituals
  • Medicinal ~ Antibiotic, helps reduce cholesterol.
  • Ancient Ways ~ Protection, healing, anti-theft
                                                                                   Gentian Root
  • Medicinal ~ Gentian has been used for thousands of years as a digestive aid, arthritis, menstruation promoter.
  • Ancient Ways ~ Love and Power.
  • Medicinal ~ Nausea, indigestion and abdominal cramping, ulcers, arthritis, colds and flu.
  • Ancient Ways ~ Love, money, success, power
  • Medicinal ~ Improves memory, recovery from stroke, helps prevent blood clots, helps relieve impotence, an anti-depressant related sexual problems.
  • Medicinal ~ Improves general well being, increases energy, enhances athletic performance, mental function and immunity.
  • Ancient Ways ~ Protection, love, wishes, healing, beauty.
  • Medicinal ~ Aromatic, stimulant, urinary tract problems.
  • Ancient Ways ~ money, divination.
  • Medicinal ~ Immunity, infection and stimulates bile secretions helping the body digest fats.
  • Ancient Ways ~ Money, protection.
                                                                              Hawthorn berries
  • Medicinal ~ Heart functions..
  • Ancient Ways ~ Fertility, chastity, fishing magic and happiness. 
  • Ancient Ways ~ Lust, Love and protection.
  • Medicinal ~ Used as a cough remedy and helps with digestive problems.
  • Ancient Ways ~ Protection, increase mental powers, and aid in healing.
  • Medicinal ~ Stimulant, diuretic and antiseptic. It acts as an excellent digestive aid.
  • Ancient Ways ~ Purification.
                                                                              Jasmine Flowers
  • Medicinal ~ Nothing much is known of any medical properties, however it makes a wonderfully soothing tea.
  • Ancient Ways ~ Love, prophetic dreams, money.
                                                                               Juniper berries
  • Medicinal ~ Juniper berries are used as a diuretic, eases indigestion, relieves gas and used in the treatment of diseases of the kidney and bladder.
  • Ancient Ways ~ Protection.
                                                                             Kava Kava root c/s
  • Medicinal ~ Is used to treat stress and anxiety
  • Ancient Ways ~ Long used in Hawaiian and Polynesian rites to offer protection against evil and invite good luck. Is also used to promote visions.
  • Ancient Ways ~ Kelp is believed to protect those going on long sea journeys.
                                                                               Lady's Mantle
  • Medicinal ~ Is strongly astringent and drying. Has been used for excessive menstruation.
  • Ancient Ways ~ Love.
  • Medicinal ~ Reduces anxiety, overcomes insomnia, has anti-microbial properties which help with wound healing, is used as a digestive aid and insect repellent.
  • Ancient Ways ~ Love, sleep, happiness, peace and protection.
                                                                                    Lemon Balm
  • Medicinal ~ Infections in wounds, relieves insomnia, and digestive problems.
  • Ancient Ways ~ Purification, fidelity and long friendships.

                                                                             Lemon Verbena
  • Medicinal ~ Lemon Verbena's properties are similar to those of mint, aiding with indigestion, gas.
  • Ancient Ways ~ Protection, purification, love.
  • Ancient Ways ~ Psychic powers.
  • Medicinal ~ Cold, cough and sore throat reliever.
                                                                            Linden flower
  • Ancient Ways ~ Is believed to have protective power, and aids with sleep.
  • Medicinal ~ diminishes inflammation and pulmonary complaints.
  • Ancient Ways ~ Psychic powers, mental powers
                                                                          Mandrake Root
  • Medicinal ~ Used to induce vomiting and a purgative.
  • Ancient Ways ~ Protection, fertility, money, love, health
  • Ancient Ways ~ Protection, love, happiness, health, money
                                                                     Marshmallow Root
  • Medicinal ~ cuts, scrapes, wounds, burns, respiratory problems, enhanced immunity
  • Medicinal ~ Pain, fever, inflammation, colds, diarrhea, urinary tract infection
  • Ancient Ways ~ Love, divination, peace, happiness
                                                                                 Milk Thistle
  • Medicinal ~ Liver protector, hepatitis, mushroom poisoning, cirrhosis, drug-induced liver damage, toxin-induced liver damage.
  • Medicinal ~ Regulates blood pressure, enhanced immunity
  • Ancient Ways ~ Protection. love, hunting, fertility, health, exorcism
  • Medicinal ~ Hear disease, insomnia and anxiety, encourages uterine contractions.
  • Ancient Ways ~ Strength, psychic powers, protection, prophetic dreams, healing, astral projection
  • Medicinal ~ Urinary tract infection, congestive heart failure, PMS, benign prostate enlargement, hay fever, arthritis
  • Ancient Ways ~ Exorcism, protection, healing, lust
  • Ancient Ways ~ Luck, money, health, fidelity
  • Ancient Ways ~ Love, divination, luck, money
  • Medicinal ~ Colds, flu, fevers, respiratory ailments.
  • Ancient Ways ~ Love, protection, divination

  • Medicinal ~ digestive problems (papaya is used as a meat tenderizer, therefore helping to digest meat), ulcers,.
  • Ancient Ways ~ Love, protection
  • Medicinal ~ high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, bad breath, suppressed menstruation, allergies, fever
  • Ancient ways ~ lust, protection, purification. (ever wonder why you have that sprig of parsley on your plate at a restaurant? Its to protect the food from contamination).
                                                                                     Passion Flower
  • Medicinal ~ Stress, anxiety, insomnia, digestive aid, wounds.
  • Ancient Ways ~ peace, sleep, friendships
  • Medicinal ~ Stimulates appetite, sleep and anxiety
  • Ancient Ways ~ money, fertility, lust
  • Medicinal ~ Insect repellant, congestion and coughs, digestive aid
  • Ancient Ways ~ Strength, protection, peace
  • Medicinal ~ Aids digestion, arthritis anti-depressant
  • Ancient Ways ~ Protection, exorcism


  • Medicinal ~ Digestive aid, irritable bowel syndrome, pain, congestion, coughs, infections, headaches. *because peppermint relaxes the smooth muscles, pregnant women should only take in a weak tea infusion.
  • Ancient Ways ~ Purification, sleep, love, healing, psychic powers.

Poppy Seed

  • Ancient Ways ~ Fertility, love, sleep, money, luck, invisibility

Prickly Ash

  • Medicinal ~ Rheumatism, blood purifier, skin disorders

  • Ancient Ways ~ Love

Queen of the Meadow (aka Gravel root)

  • Medicinal ~ Kidney stones and gravel


  • Medicinal ~ morning sickness, uterine irritability, diarrhea, disease prevention, anti-oxidant

  • Ancient Ways ~ Protection, love


  • Medicinal ~ colds and flu, mouth sores,


  • Medicinal ~ Food poisoning, infections, digestive problems, congestion.

  • Ancient Ways ~ Protection, love, mental powers, exorcism, purification, healing, sleep, youth


  • Medicinal ~ Excessive perspiration, wounds, food poisoning, digestive problems, sore throats

  • Ancient Ways ~ Love, healing, happiness, lust, strength, psychic powers


  • Ancient Ways ~ Love


  • Medicinal ~ High blood pressure, congestive heart failure, PMS (diuretic)

    Ancient Ways ~ Love, money


  • Ancient Ways ~ Health, money


  • Medicinal ~ Expectorant, insect bites

  • Ancient Ways ~ Mental powers

Saw palmetto

  • Medicinal ~ Prostate


  • Medicinal ~ Insomnia and anxiety

  • Ancient Ways ~ Love, fidelity, peace

  • Medicinal ~ Constipation (however, produced intestinal cramps)

  • Ancient Ways ~ Love

Slippery elm

  • Medicinal ~ Wounds, coughs, sore throats and digestive problems,

  • Ancient Ways ~ Halts gossip


  • Medicinal ~ Alleviates external itching


  • Medicinal ~ Same as Peppermint

  • Ancient Ways ~ Healing, love, mental powers

St Johns Wort

  • Medicinal ~ Depression, infections, wounds

  • Ancient Ways ~ Health, protection, strength, love, divination, happiness


  • Medicinal ~ Internal parasites

  • Ancient Ways ~ Health, Longevity


  • Medicinal ~ Toothache, infections


  • Medicinal ~ (Green Tea) cancer, heart disease, respiratory problems, diarrhea, tooth decay

  • Ancient Ways ~ Riches, courage, strength


  • Medicinal ~ Infections, coughs, Digestive problems, small amounts can alleviate menstrual cramps

  • Ancient Ways ~ Health, healing, sleep, psychic powers, love, purification, courage


  • Medicinal ~ Enhanced immunity, wounds, food poisoning, digestive problems, scabies, arthritis, cataracts, cancer, heart disease, liver damage

  • Ancient Ways ~ Purification


  • Medicinal ~ Insomnia, high blood pressure

  • Ancient Ways ~ Love, sleep, purification, protection

White Willow

  • Medicinal ~ Fever, pain, inflammation, heart attack and stroke,

  • Ancient Ways ~ Love, Love divination, protection, healing

Wild Cherry

  • Medicinal ~ Coughs

Wild Yam

  • Medicinal ~ Colic, morning sickness

  • Medicinal ~ Hemorrhoids and skin problems, sunburn

  • Ancient Ways ~ Protection, chastity


  • Medicinal ~ Sore, stiff muscles, liver, gallbladder

  • Ancient Ways ~ Psychic powers, protection, love, calling spirits


  • Medicinal ~ Wounds, digestive problems, menstrual cramps, stress, anxiety and insomnia

  • Ancient Ways ~ Courage, love, psychic powers, courage

mortpest1 pestle and mortar spell preperation