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Wisdom & Power of the Ancients Bless Our Journey Deocil Amen

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Christan witch yes we do exist

It's 2020 

The new millennium is upon us. For decades people have predicted that life as we know it will alter irrevocably after the year 2000. But what effect will this new era have on Witchcraft, a practice that is as old as human life itself? Essentially there will be little change, but certain technological developments will have a far-reaching effect on all our lives specifically, we can believe in God and Goddess and understand the Jesus Christ is and always has been part of the big picture.

It's all about Faith! Jesus as we see it was the Father of all witches being the original healer & prophet (fortune teller) utilising the earth and its elements for ones better progress in controlling one's own life, what is frowned upon by the churches as dark and black is just misunderstood and preferred kept in the dark, as Religion is a way of controlling the masses through a fear factor.

God is about love forgiveness, understanding and so much more but not about fear and control. Love your life without fear of Hell and Damnation. Please don’t get me wrong I have nothing against churches or Religion each to their own but the philosophies are outdated and do not apply to the 21 century. As a Christian Witch, I am accepting of all people and their choices being that they adhere to The ONE RULE that we abound by, Do what thee will tho it harm none, The Ten commandments can be put into our one commandment. Our church is the Universe you can pray anywhere! you can worship anywhere, you can love God and Goddess anywhere. You can use the earth and its gifts to have a productive life, prayer is wonderful but we can't just sit back pray and expect God to make everything work out, we have to be constructive by thine own hands and power to bring forth that which we seek to be.

Christian Witchcraft is a peaceful and exciting way of life. We have no need for retribution, because should retribution be necessary Karma will take care of it. If we give out good, positive works, that good will be returned to us. However, sometimes it is necessary to protect oneself and others from harm. The last thing that we want in the new millennium is more fighting and wars. Each witch can help prevent this by putting her/himself into an alpha state, concentrating intensely and sending positive pink light out to protect our local area. If each witch protects her/his local environs in this manner, pretty soon positive energy will encompass the earth and protect us all from harm.

The greatest lessons are learnt by example. We cannot teach others of our positive works merely by discussing what it is that we do. We need to lead by example, working for ourselves and assisting others to the new truth in a manner which is beneficial to us all. If each of us were to spend as little as one hour per week giving back to the earth a little of what we have taken, effects would be instantly noticeable. We each need to prioritise areas of concern for ourselves and work on these.

Next time you are in a state of alpha, visualise that which most concerns you. How do you see yourself in the next ten, twenty or thirty years? You are privileged to be a person with the power to positively affect change and be capable of creating the future you want. With the help of the Goddess, you have the ability to ensure that the new millennium is a time of positivity, an era where all types of spirituality are freely accepted and desired. The new millennium is a time to move beyond stereotypes, to banish negativity and rejoice in new freedom. Welcome the arrival of this new era and may your life and your magic be truly Blessed.

Blessed Be